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Gate sliding door receiver remote control board-2103

RF remote controller is widely used in garage door control, curtain and windows control, car door remote control and so on. |`-+#$&*|Generally frequency 433Mhz and 315 Mhz, with fixed code, learning code , rolling code and copy code optional.Omni R&D team
Product Name RF remote controller
Working Voltage DC12V
Button quality 2-KEY,4-KEY
Frequency 433Mhz/ 315Mhz or Other Customized
Size 90×30×12.4mm
Sensor Range 50-100M
Modulation ASK
Frequency Error 75KB

Ⅰ. Product Description

     RF Remote Control is a remote control device that uses radio signals to control various institutions in the distance. After these signals are received by the remote receiving device, they can instruct or drive other various corresponding mechanical or electronic devices to complete various operations, such as closing the circuit, moving the handle, and turning on the motor, and then these machines can perform the required operations.

  As a kind of remote control that complements the infrared remote control, it has been widely used in the field of garage door, electric door, barrier gate remote control, anti-theft alarm, industrial control and wireless smart home.



multi frequency remote control

remote control 433

remote control clone

Ⅱ. RF Remote Control Applications


  • Door Control- garage door, electric door, barrier gate remote control, 

  • Curtain Control- Roller motor remote control, window opener etc

  • Alarm System- anti-theft alarm, industrial control and wireless smart home.

  • Smart Home- Light Control, Air conditioner Control...

  • Universal Key- car key, motorbycle lock key etc

  • Industrial Control-Tower crane ...

  • Agricultural Control- Water Pump, Film Rolling Machine etc.


remote control for garage door

remote control open sliding door

remote control lock for gate

access control system glass door

control board for sliding door motor

433mhz transmiter module

remote control lock for gate

Ⅲ. Copy Code and Clear Code Remote Control Instruction


remote control open sliding door

remote key copier


Shenzhen Yimi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Shenzhen Omi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd, located at Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. It is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the R&D, production and sales of remote control smart products, integrating software and hardware development. Bases on IoT technology, Yimi is a research and development company focusing on remote control smart solutions.

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