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Yimi Intelligent Control is a research and development manufacturer focusing on intelligent control wireless remote control under Omi Intelligent. It mainly provides wireless remote control, infrared radio, wireless transceiver for door control, window control, alarm, lamp, and auto factory manufacturers in 5 fields. Supporting products such as modules and wireless controllers. The company has a strong technical team and advanced R&D and production testing equipment, as well as a complete management system and service specifications. All the time, Yimi has been deeply rooted in the field of wireless remote control for many years, relying on Omni Intelligent's technology in the field of Internet of Things, rooted in Shenzhen, insisted on innovation, and continuously developed stable, safe, portable, and attractive mid-to-high-end products. Remote control products, currently covering 27 countries in the world, especially popular in Europe and the United States!

lntelligent Control
  • Company Culture

  • Mission

    Simplification of complex control.

  • Vision

    Bring China's intelligent control remote control products to the world and create a new level of human-computer interaction.

  • Values

    Innovation, dedication, optimism, self-improvement

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Yimi Development

Yimi Intelligent Control


Shenzhen Omni Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd is built in year 2015 located in Shenzhen city and specializing in R$D production and marketing of intelligent trasportation and smart home series

Yimi Intelligent Control

2017Speed up

Annual Sales exceeded 100 million RMB and has exported products for intelligent transport and smart home all over the world gained high reputation in IoT products

Yimi Intelligent Control

2020Yimi Control

Yimi control was built for a new product plan rf wireless remote control system. And R&D team has over 10 years experience in rf remote control area

Yimi Intelligent Control

2021Diversified Development

Start to develop multiple product line focus on two main directions "Intelligent Transport " and " Smart Home"